Join Girl Scouts

In this area, you can find out how to become a member of Girl Scouts.  Find out how much itcosts to join, what program levels are available, and what types of troops are available.

The Girl Scout Council of Greater Long Beach provides opportunities for all girls in our geographic area to develop self-esteem, which prepares them to meet life’s challenges and achieve their full potential.  These opportunities are provided by a volunteer-led organization, supported by a professional staff.

The Girl Scout program is delivered to girls through adult volunteers who are trained to lead Girl Scout troops and other Girl Scout activities.  The best way to get a girl into Girl Scouting is to volunteer to become her troop leader.

Cost to Join

There is a $7.00 annual fee to become a girl or adult member of the Girl Scouts.

Please note that the Girl Scout Council of Greater Long Beach does not receive any of the annual fees, but forwards this money to the national Girl Scout office in New York.

Girl Scout Troops

The traditional troops program brings girls ages 5 – 17 together in volunteer-led troop meetings where values, racial/ethnic pride and appreciation of others are being developed as the girls build friendships, leadership and decision-making skills.

Daisy:  The Daisies are the newest and youngest members of the Girl Scout family and include girls in grades K – 1. As a Daisy Girl Scout, girls learn the fundamentals of the Promise and Law through friendship and team building activities such as visiting an adopted grandparent, putting together a scrapbook, and taking a trip to the local park to learn about the community in which they live.

Brownie:  Brownie Girl Scouts get the chance to enjoy the curiosity and marvel of being a first, second or third grader. As a Brownie Girl Scout, girls have the opportunity to explore and discover the outdoors by going on an overnight camping trip, expand on academics by learning , and even become an environmentalist by learning how to make recycled paper.

Junior:  Junior Girl Scouts bring girls in grades 3 – 6 together to explore and attempt new and interesting things. As a Junior Girl Scout, girls have the opportunity to try everything from photography and dramatics to fashion, computers, and even leading a bicycle-safety workshop in their community.

Cadette and Senior:  Cadettes and Senior Girl Scouts consist of girls in grades 6 and above. Girl Scouting for Cadettes and Seniors takes on a whole new dimension and lets the Girl Scout take the lead. As a Cadette or Senior Girl Scout, girls earn the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as: traveling across the country or around the world on a “Wider Opportunity”, taking on a challenging backpacking, canoeing, rafting or cycling adventure, or participating in career exploration and fitness seminars.

Types of Troops

In recent decades, Girl Scouts has led the way in developing special programs for girls in diverse cultures, girls in low-income communities, and girls who are at risk of gang and drug involvement, teen pregnancy and school dropout. The Council offers various programs to help girls develop their fullest potential and become responsible, resourceful women:

Troops Program – In Girl Scout troops, girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Through a myriad of enriching experiences, such as extraordinary field trips, sports skill-building clinics, community service projects, cultural exchanges, and environmental stewardships, girls grow courageous and strong. Girl Scouting helps girls develop their full individual potential; relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect; develop values to guide their actions and provide the foundation for sound decision-making; and contribute to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others. If you have questions about forming a new troop or joining an existing troop in your area.

CHOICES Troops Program – brings adolescent girls together through a year long, staff-led program with a focus on providing education regarding teen pregnancy, alternatives to gangs and drugs. It also helps girls to develop self-esteem and life skills. CHOICES is specifically designed to meet the needs of girls at risk. It is preventive in scope and provides safe and educational after-school activities for teenage girls. The program utilizes Girl Scouts’ decades of experiences with girls of all ages, and accesses its expert resources to provide instruction in understanding and avoiding AIDS, teen pregnancy, abuse and suicide, to develop girls’ peer leadership skills, and to teach girls responsibility for their lives. The girls participate in activities to build their self-esteem and connect them to a positive group. Guest speakers/subject matter experts are frequently a part of the weekly sessions along with a number of field trips that are taken throughout the year, where the girls learn about outdoor recreation, proper etiquette and educational planning for the future. For additional information about our CHOICES program.

Discovery Troops Program – brings elementary-age girls together to build leadership skills, develop self-confidence and stimulate an interest in education. Discovery Troops Program is offered once a week after school. The program is led by a diverse staff of well-trained and experienced program leaders. Educational projects include science exploration, sporting events, crafts and various other activities to stimulate an interest in learning, decision-making and character building. Girls participating in Discovery Troops Program have the opportunity t learn about health and safety, cultures from around the world and art. Each week girls explore science, physical fitness, Girl Scout traditions and leadership skills. Girls learn the principles of being a good student, family member and community citizen. Friendship building helps break down cultural barriers, and strong role models help girls learn the importance of making wise life decisions and healthy choices. For additional information about the Discovery troops.

Mentor Troops Program – offers Girl Scouting as a quality after-school option for girls in areas with low English language skills, transportation and child care, as well as a low history of volunteerism. The program reaches into neighborhoods with an increasing migrant population using creative strategies to form Girl Scout troops. Girls participating in the Mentor Troops Program receive the opportunity to explore the outdoors, the arts, health and fitness, science exploration and Girl Scout traditions. Girl Scouts invite adults to attend meetings with their daughters, where they receive training from a trained staff member. Through the training, parents and guardians receive the opportunity to assist the staff member in leading a new troop. Child care is shared among participating adults, and family involvement is actively encouraged. Within a few months, most mentor troops make the transition to a fully volunteer structure.