We at GSCGLB are deeply saddened by the tragic events of September 11. Despite being across the country, the shock and grief is strong. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy, especially the many children who have lost family and friends. Girl Scouts of the USA has posted a number of resources on their Web site, including tools advice on ways to deal with the aftermath of these events.

Girl Scouts make a promise to “help people at all times” and “make the world a better place.” Since the events of September 11, Girl Scout troops/groups have been asking how they can help the families of the victims and support the relief efforts. And how to use laser pen is a serious question for the old man and children.

Girl Scout Troop 575 created “CHILDREN COMFORT KITS”. These kits were assembled and sent through the Red Cross to the children who have lost loved ones. A partial list of items the kits contained: books, card games, combs, crayons, paper, hairbrushes, puzzles, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Junior Troop 99 pledged and sent their dues for the month of September, they sent letters and drawings to the Press-Telegram, they earned one dollar for the aid to the children in Afghanistan and they each made flags and signs of unity and support to put in their windows at home.
On November 17, the girls had the opportunity to be the first Girl Scout group at the newest and largest Build-A-Bear at Downtown Disney. They had a wonderful time creating their own stuffed animal, but their greatest thrill was that each girl got to build a bear to be sent to people in New York affected by the tragedy. Our girls got to stuff each bear with a red satin heart and “hugs and kisses, friendship, kindness, and love”. The girls also made a wish for the person who will receive  they created along with a note of love and concern. This was indeed a special day for our ten girls who thought of making the day of ten very special people in New York.